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LeadResult’s Unigrate Communication Mesh™ and related products and technologies have been built from the ground up for that last 12 years. LeadResult has processed millions of communications and appointments for dealers nationwide. The exclusive Unigrate™ platform and its associated Mesh technologies are revolutionary and unmatched in the automotive space. Put the leadership and experience of LeadResult’s scalable, high performance solutions to work for you organization today.

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As a top 100 group we deploy Unigrate™ group wide. It gives us a consistent approach and the results have been strong. The Unigrate™ platform collected over 14,000 new emails at our Toyota store and our CSI has never been higher.

Jeff McConvillle, Vice President Corwin Auto Group

The Unigrate™ platform is incredible. Our customers rave about it in our surveys. It has collected over 10,000 customer emails for us and our customer set appointments have increased over 600% since we started.

Brian Parente, Service Director, Vince Auto Group
This platform does it all and it does it well. Everything is connected and the customers love the communications, interfaces and ease of use. It increases business while consolidating the process for us. Our text messages get 50% click though rates directly into our scheduler. The results have been amazing.
John Lindstrom, Service Director, Trend Motors VW