Leverage LeadResult’s Unigrate™ technologies to establish organizational consistency and excellence in fixed operation process.

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Unigrate One™

A single connected interface for every franchise

Revolutionize scheduling and engagement across all franchises. Unigrate One™ allows manufacturers to unify their entire fixed operations approach. A single manufacturer interface that supports all franchise locations. Deployment is virtually instant and provides out of the box support for web, mobile, BDC, in car telematics and more. Support for all Unigrate Mesh™ technologies allows for consistent, connected, uniform manufacturer messaging and value added services across the board while giving the option for input and customization at the store level.

  • One outward interface that manages all customers and franchises
  • Native Unigrate Mesh™ technology support
  • Supports all direct medium communication with perfect integration to online modules
  • Value added features to build loyalty and satisfaction
  • Consistency, uniformity, professionalism in interface and message
  • Higher loyalty and satisfaction among customer populations

Unigrate API™

The ultimate in control and customization

Utilize the Unigrate API™ for unlimited ability to customize interfaces and elements in the Unigrate™ platform. Rely on the rock solid infrastructure that 12 years experience, stability and millions of appointments and integrated messages provides. Use the API to customize the Unigrate Mesh™ and its related technologies and make it work you way.

Other Services

For manufacturers LeadResult offers a multitude of custom services and support including;

  • Private label
  • Licencing arrangements
  • Customization services
  • Private servers
  • Custom telematics