Join leading service departments around the nation delivering competent, intelligent, integrated messaging and value added experience to skyrocket CSI, loyalty and profitability.

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The Unigrate Scheduler™ is the best in class online scheduler from LeadResult.

Consistently rated “Excellent” by end users it integrates perfectly with web, mobile, internal and external BDCs, supports full shop management , DMS integration and virtually limitless configurations. The Unigrate™ powered Scheduler™ can do what no other scheduler in the market can, unlock its full power by combining it with Unigrate Lifecycle™ and Unigrate Broadcast™ to enable exclusive, industry leading technologies. Set a demo to see this integrated powerhouse and learn how it can take your entire fixed operation to new levels of efficiency and performance.


Supercharge the Unigrate Scheduler™ with Addons™.

Unigrate Addons™ provide many value added benefits to customers and dealers. They increase owner motivation, loyalty, data collection and satisfaction. Addons™ enable the full suite of Unigrate Mesh™ technologies like MultiEngage™ which gives dealers 20x more customer engagement points and CrossClick™ that causes an exponential explosion of activity. Set a demo to witness the power of the Unigrate Mesh™ technology with Addons™ and see first-hand its ability to drive engagement, satisfaction scores and operational efficiency of Fixed Operations.


Unleash the unmatched power of the Unigrate Mesh™ technologies:

Unigrate Lifecycle™ redefines traditional Lifecycle™ messaging. Intelligent algorithms analyze customer records and automatically message them at the right time using more mediums than any other platform including; text, email , phone, mail and mobile app messaging. Subscribers of Unigrate Scheduler™ and Addons™ increase messaging effectiveness exponentially by utilizing the Unigrate Mesh™ technologies like OneClick™, CrossClick™, MultiEngage™, CrossAware™ and more. See the incredible Unigrate Mesh™ and its awesome technologies here. Set a demo to see the incredible Unigrate Mesh™ and its awesome technologies today.


Use Unigrate Broadcast™ and build messages to target prospects instantly.

No waiting on proofs, approvals or lists. Professional layouts delivered when you want them and need them. Need a boost today? Unigrate Broadcast™ can do that. Unigrate Broadcast™ messages are available in any medium. Unigrate Scheduler™ and Addons™ subscribers get the added power of the exclusive Unigrate Mesh™ technologies embedded in every message sent resulting in more effective, more satisfying, higher grossing campaign than ever before possible. Take control with Unigrate Broadcast™.

  • Build messages in any medium
  • Build on demand campaigns, no asking, no waiting.
  • Professional templates
  • Customizable stored offers
  • Ability to automate
  • Unigrate Mesh™ support


Build a huge installed base of users

Give customers the convenience of an installed application available anytime at the tip of their finger. Moreover, every customer with an installed app is one that can receive custom app notifications direct to their phone on demand. The Unigrate App™ works with Unigrate Mesh™ technologies enabling OneClick™ phone notifications which give customers immediate access to the Unigrate Scheduler™ and it’s Addons™. Installation is simple, deployment is effortless and customer satisfaction is high.